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Will My Current Employer be Contacted about My Application?

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 03:22PM EST
Normally, your current employer will not be contacted regarding your application unless you provide specific authorization to do so. This policy can, however, differ from employer to employer and application to application, so we strongly advise all applicants (regardless of position to which they apply) to read and fully comprehend all certification, release, and disclosure statements prior to final submission.

When completing an application, the most common sections where your current employer information may be listed are within the Employment History section, the Resume section, and/or the References section. More often than not, employers listed in the Employment History and Resume sections are not contacted. The one section which may result in a current employer being contacted is within the References section.

If Professional/Personal References are required for a position, you will need to read and agree to an authorization statement advising your listed references may be contacted. Likewise, a remainder disclaimer is provided to you in the Reference Name field which reads "Current employer reference may be contacted if listed here." If you are concerned about your current employer being contacted regarding an application, it is advised NOT to use them as references. Instead, submit references from your work or personal history which are not directly related to your current employer.

On the final page of your job application, you will be asked to read and agreed to certification and disclosure statements, along with your electronic signature. Be sure to read all of the instructions on this page, as they outline what permissions you are granting related to the personal information you have provided in your application and how you may also be held accountable for said information.

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