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Can I Save My Application? How Do I Return to it?

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 02:59PM EST

You have the option to Save a started application at any time. To save your application, scroll to the bottom of the screen on a page and click the "Click Here" button next to the text which reads "Save Now and Finish Later?"

After clicking "Click Here," you will be required to enter your name and email address. You will also need to confirm your e-mail address by re-typing it into the "Confirm Email" field. Please note that Copy/Paste is not permitted here, you will need to manually type out your e-mail address in both e-mail fields to assure accuracy. After entering your name and e-mail, click "Exit."

After clicking "Exit," you will be logged out of your current application and be taken back to the Careers/Employment page of the company to which you are applying. You will also receive an e-mail from a "noreply@" e-mail address with the subject line of "Your Job Application from (Company Name)." If you did not receive the e-mail to your inbox, make sure to also check your spam and "all mail" folders within your e-mail service provider, as your saved application e-mail may have been flagged depending on your existing security settings.

To re-access your Saved application, locate the "Your Saved Job Application" e-mail and follow the instructions contained within. The e-mail will have a link which, when clicked, will bring you back to where you left off in your application process. You will not have to complete previous sections of information, only the remaining portions.

When using the Save Now and Finish Later option, please be aware of the following:
(1) When re-accessing your application, you will be taken to the last page you left off on.
(2) Only data entered prior to the page you access will have been saved.
(3) You can complete the remainder of the application so long as the position remains Posted. If the position is Unposted or taken down prior to you completing the Full Application, you will not be able to apply. It is therefore recommended to apply to positions in full as soon as you have all necessary information or when time permits.

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